CONNECT WITH CREATIVITY…..through your Vision Journal

This workshop is for you if you …..

Need to connect with your inner self and find your PURPOSE in life. Without a purpose how can we live a meaningful life?

Looking for your sense of purpose and value? Life is moving so fast you don’t even have time to pause & think about how you can make some positive life changes.

Want to shed your old skin, and looking for a shift in your life.

What you will get out of it…..

A clear vision of what your values are and how you want them to show up in your life

Remind yourself of the all we are grateful for in our lives and draw back to the simple joys that bring us pleasure.

Reconnect with your intuition through finding your Creativity, which leads us to our path and a fuller life.

Give your body, mind and spirit a health check to ensure they are aligned with your life vision.

What is included

Access to 5 Workshops Sessions & Workbook to work at your own pace.

Private Facebook Tribe to join an amazing group of like minded participants to help with some of the tough questions.