Lyn, Sydney Australia

Maria’s boutique retreat space Pure Heart Yoga Retreat is a true reflection of her own philosophy and approach to yoga both on and off the mat.   A space that is welcoming and inviting, a place where you will be able to leave the world behind. In the words of Pantajali the great sage of ancient India “Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind” At Pure Heart Yoga this is what you will find the space to do just that.

To share an interest with a friend is a wonderful thing, to share the passion of the practice of yoga with a long-time friend is an amazing honour. Maria is truly an inspiration, she is authentic, sincere and caring in her approach to teaching yoga.  She considers carefully the needs of each student and creates a practice that is available as well as giving the guidance and support to allow students to grow in their individual practice.  Creating a safe nurturing environment that gives each individual the confidence to explore and deepen their body/mind experience. Lyn Moyce, friend, mentee and fellow yoga teacher