Wellness Retreat France 10 days

Welcome to

Standing in Tree Pose with your hands above your head and your fingers lightly touching as you take in the beauty of the surrounding country.

Let’s Escape for 10 days on a discovery adventure that will take you off the beaten track of life.

Not just an ordinary ”retreat from life” but a wonderful experience that ignites your passion for life with some exclusive wellness treats and plenty of fun.

Each day begins with an open heart and mind with the endless possibilities to create exactly the life you want.

How often do you feel you would like some time away to clear your mind and have the head space top make changes that will positively impact your life.

Being away from the “everyday” activities was sometimes enough to begin the excitement of change.

I would journal constantly, putting onto paper all my dreams, ideas, plans, goals, actions.

I dream BIG and know that if I put my mind to each one, with a good plan they can be mine for the taking!

The retreat days are full and planned in such a way that you could wonder what has a boat trip into the Green Venice of France have to do with meditation. A few minutes into the journey and the quiet ripple of the boat sliding over the water by our very own gondola guide will bring a wave of deep peace and serenity through your body.

I can sit in any part of the world, close my eyes and take myself back to this beautiful moment. My breath slows, my body softens and I relive the beauty of this region. Experiencing how you would feel if this was a permanent change in your life is the most successful way you can make the changes.

I have discovered from the many retreats I have joined over the years is what I learn from the other participants. Young women and men from all walks of life have given me hope, made me feel humble, shown me new ways to look at issues in my life, passed on their favourite recipe, told wonderful stories that made me laugh until I cried with happy tears, & left me knowing that mine and their contributions to the world is of value.

My journey to France began when I needed to heal my body and soul. I am still working on this many years later but with a much healthier outlook. This retreat gives you 10 days of curated activities that will begin your journey to experience what a balanced life has to offer and how you can create it for yourself….. no one else can do that for you.