Retreat Australia


Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

27th – 29th April 2018

Need to escape & enjoy some peace of mind, nutritious meals, yoga & meditation, time out in a beautiful secluded part of south east Queensland & just 1 hour from Brisbane.

Join us for a long weekend to:

Get a clear vision of what your values and how you want them in your life

Remind yourself of the all we are grateful for in our lives and draw back to the simple joys that bring us pleasure

Reconnect to your intuition through yoga and guided meditations

Our body, mind and spirit are affected by outside influences needing a regular check that they are aligned with our life vision

Building habits into our daily routine that begin from the minute we open our eyes, so that every waking moment is truly blissful

Now is your time to take steps to reconnect with your self through:

  • learning techniques to help with quietening the mind for more restful and regenerative sleep
  • health & wellbeing as a daily ritual each morning & evening to achieve our goals
  • exercise as a daily routine in your life for a balanced mind as well as body 
  • food and nutrition as we discover the benefits of amazingly fresh clean food
  • bringing joy back into your day and make life the adventure it is meant to be

After your retreat the real adventure begins as you take home your new found tools to continue feeling the rejuvenation of the body, mind & spirit practiced during our retreat.

You return home to allow your new adventure to begin with clarity, passion, enthusiasm and creativity.  

Price Includes

  • 2 nights shared accommodation at the beautiful Eumundi Dairy Retreat Homestead
  • All meals – breakfasts, lunches & dinners, nutritionally-balanced & delicious
  • Unlimited herbal teas, fruit and snacks throughout the day
  • Daily yoga & meditation classes
  • Daily workshops on wellness, health and balance in life
  • A wonderful gift box of tools, resources & treats to enjoy over the weekend


Day 1: Friday:      Gratitude,   Yoga/ Meditation   &  Journal Writing


Arriving any time after lunch, you can settle into your new space for the next few days.  Go for a walk, read, rest, enjoy some afternoon tea & later in the day prepare for a meditation/yoga practice before getting ready for dinner.

If you choose to you can participate in a short session on gratitude and the benefits of journal writing.  We will look at how to bring this practice into your daily rituals.

Day 2: Saturday:   Dream Boards  & Self-Care 

quotes on dreams come true

The morning begins with a beautiful yoga practice to awaken & energise the body, followed by a guided meditation reflecting on our life dreams.  After breakfast we will get started on our Dream Boards which you can walk away from and come back to throughout the day.

Facials, foot soaks, hair treatments, body brushing are all part of activities today, as you take the time to pamper your body.

Day 3:  Sunday:    Inspiration & Wellbeing & Mindfulness

jacob-postuma-409825 (1).jpgWellbeing is not just about how we treat our bodies, but also the people, animals and the world around us.  Being mindful of our words & actions; what we eat & where our food comes from; how we treat our environment beginning in our own homes.

Reflecting on where we draw our inspiration and coming back to our intuitive instincts to help us keep our life in Balance.  Today we will do yoga & meditation in the morning followed by brunch, finish our Dream Boards, spend time journaling and looking at including all we have experienced over the 3 days in our daily life.

Returning home full of passion, excitement and wonder with a new energy & awareness to enjoying your wonderful life.

Weekend Wellness Escape Retreat

A$795 per person/twin share occupancy

For more information and to book on our retreats, send through your details below and we will get back to you.