Hi & welcome,


I am excited that you have found your way here to Pure Heart Wellness.

My name is Maria Hayes , your host & go to girl whilst you are on your retreat from the tired old habits you are leaving behind!   My programs and retreats are designed to help you bring more calm, peace & harmony into your life, whilst we are having lots of fun!

As a yogi, lover of clean healthy food and an ex-participant in the corporate world I came to a realisation that my work is to assist motivated women juggling life to find a balance and still have time for fun in their lives.

I have been there and done it!

  • Racing out of the office at the very last minute trying to remember what you were planning for dinner;
  • Calling family as you drive home apologising for being late to pick them up from sport, drop them off to guitar lessons and YES you agree there is nothing to eat in the fridge;
  • You wake up each morning as tired as you were when you went to sleep to face it all over again!
  • You cannot remember the last time you actually spent time doing something for yourself;
  • And the dog has spent more time having shampoos and haircuts than you!

This is where the programs & retreats at Pure Heart Wellness can help you.

Take some time out to:

  • Look at your life’s purpose
  • Get a vision on what your values are and how you want them in your life
  • Remind yourself of the simple joys that bring you pleasure
  • Use yoga & mediation to reconnect with your intuition
  • Build daily habits that make every moment in your day truly blissful

We can help you to reconnect with your ‘self’ through:

  • learning techniques to help with quietening the mind for more restful and regenerative sleep
  • health & wellbeing as a daily ritual each morning & evening to achieve your goals
  • exercise as a daily routine in your life for a balanced mind as well as body
  • food and nutrition as we discover the benefits of amazingly fresh clean food
  • bringing joy back into your day and make life the adventure it is meant to be

 & how do I know all this?

I had been working in the corporate world my whole life, not because I felt any real passion, but had just begun on that path when I left school and felt it was the right thing to do.  Everyone kept telling me I was lucky in the jobs I landed, so hey, I must be!!

Fast forward to 2015.  I was tired, worn out, always feeling flat and not enjoying my job.  There had to be more to life than this…so I took 3 weeks holiday, bought a return ticket to Paris, booked 2 nights accommodation to get me started and away I went.  Three months later I owned a 300 year old French farmhouse and had quit my job to start the life that I had dreamed of when I was 16!!

My yoga journey began in my early years as well.  I had moved in and out of yoga classes for most of my adult life, and at a time when I needed to look inwards for strength I chanced upon attending yoga classes with a Radiant Light trained teacher, and my life changed completely when I attended 12 month yoga training in 2009.

My commitment  to you is that I can offer the tools to work on making changes in your life that will assist to bring you balance, peace & harmony within an ensuring your true passion for life is embraced.

The need for change & yoga has brought me from my home in Australia to the beautiful village of Le Beugnon, realising my dream of living in France and operating Pure Heart Wellness in an 18th century Farmhouse.