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Creating a Morning Ritual

Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start & each day is a new beginning. Every morning you wake up, is the first day of your new life.

Today we are going to look at building a beautiful morning routine that makes us feel vibrant, alive & ready to embrace each & every day.  This is a routine that makes you want to jump out of bed and get started with your day.

We have all experienced days that began badly and didn’t improve, and those that started well and seemed to breeze along without a hitch.  So why not choose the latter and start every day with a beautiful positive vibe.

What do you need for a great start to your day?

Look at how you currently begin your day & then consider alternatives to those parts of your morning that may need change.  Write down how you want your new morning routine to pan out.  Then put a timeframe around each activity.  This could be 30 minutes exercise, 10 minutes journaling with a cup of tea, 5 minutes day dreaming, 15 minutes self-care. 

If this is a new morning routine you will need to set the alarm earlier than you previously got out of bed. You want to be enjoying your morning routine and it is not rushed.   My advice here is to start small with just one part of the new routine and build on it as you move into the comfort of each change.

Set yourself up for success!

If you have to begin getting items together in the morning this takes time and you will not continue once it has gone pear shaped a few days in a row!  So plan it out.  Whether that is each night getting yourself set up or taking one night each week to ensure everything is near at hand. 

So the evening before get out what you need and lay it where you will see it when you wake up i.e. top, shorts, joggers, socks, cap, water bottle, yoga mat.

Be inspired by what you love

I have a tray beside my bed with my journal, gratitude book, a tea light, my tea cup, pens, glasses, some essential oils and each week I put a few flowers in a vase, normally collected from my early morning walk.  My yoga mat is always out and I can most days be found doing my yoga in my PJ’s. I am ready to begin my morning as soon as I open my eyes.

Change will not happen overnight and rituals or habits need time to be instilled into your self before they become part of you. Take baby steps as you progress and if you feel you need more inspiration and help with this jump over to our Instagram account or Facebook page for daily guidance by selecting one of the icons below.

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