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Tadasana, Mountain Pose


Each time I move into Mountain Pose I am reminded of my recent visit to Scotland and the majestic peaks that lifted out of the Loch. Standing the test of time for millions of years, solid & strong on the land yet beautiful, peaceful & full of grace as they are reflected in the still waters of the loch below.  These are the qualities we embrace when we move into Tadasana.

Tadasana, Mountain Pose is the foundation of all poses.  A very simple posture, yet one that many struggle to understand and appreciate.  Simply being in our body, accepting the stability the pose offers and finding the strength to stand with ease, without judgement is not an easy thing when our mind is busy and our body wants to continue to move on to the next pose.

I have a flow I love to do regularly and after each sequence I come back to Tadasana for at least a minute of two.  Using this time to allow my body to fully embrace my energy and breath.  I can literally feel the surge of life as I ground my feet and stand tall. The weight of the world dissipates and stillness settles into each cell of the body.

To come into Tadasana begin by closing your eyes and focusing attention on your feet, ensuring the outside points (little toes, ball of the foot, and inside/outside of the heels) are firmly but softly planted.  Have your big toes touching and rock back/forward to find your centre.  Your heels will be a few centimetres apart, relax the shins, calves, knees and thighs.

Then draw from your pelvic floor up through your core and out the crown.  Feel as if a piece of thread is attached to your crown and drawing you up into the clouds.  Relax.  Roll your shoulders and allow your arms and hands to become soft.  Draw a deep breath into your core and slowly release, letting go of whatever you feel is currently weighing you down.

As you feel the connection with the earth and the space above you it is like a whole new world is out there to be discovered.  This space, openness and lightness automatically allows the body to feel restored.  With this generosity of energy you move on to the next yoga pose or step forward ready to embrace the day.


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