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Week 5 – Rituals for YOUR Wellbeing

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Balance in Your Life

Do you have a Ritual, a life-long habit each week, each month or each year that makes your heart sing?

Week 5 – Rituals for YOUR Wellbeing

We may take the day off work each year on our birthday to play golf with our mates, or take a yoga class, walk, run or bike each Saturday with a group, read to our children each evening before bed, cook a beautiful meal each Sunday for our family or have a night out with our close friends each month.  These are all rituals that come rain or shine we will be there, because it brings great pleasure and joy to our life.

So, why not have daily rituals that will set the standard for our expectations of happiness and pleasure for the day.  Some of us like it to be a formalised ritual which we have thought through and know the format, whilst others like to just wake and randomly select which daily rituals we choose for that day.  Whatever you choose, make it pleasurable, that which will bring a refreshing and rewarding start to your day.

20160830_124124For today we are going to  begin with morning rituals.  As someone who has spent most of their life, with a fairly tight schedule and a very busy start to the day, I like to plan ahead.  I also love notebooks of all shapes, sizes and design.

Therefore my general journaling, gratitude journal, card reading, to do lists, planners and the list goes on, are all accomplished in the most beautiful notebooks I have found that actually give me pleasure before I even open them to write in!

Which gets me to another important point, do not use your Memo option on your phone, do not even pick up your phone or turn on your laptop until you have completed your morning ritual.  Technology is NOT part of your morning ritual. Make yourself a promise to start your day without it! Use a notebook and pen for anything you need to write in the morning.

My first 5 minutes when I wake is spent sitting in bed.

  1. Sit and listen to the birds singing outside, or the rain falling or just watching the sun rising. 
  2. Write in your gratitude journal, just 3-5 things you are grateful for today
  3. Choose an Affirmation card and reflect for a few minutes
  4. I have a general journal that I write in most days or sometimes read a chapter of a book or an article in a magazine. Decide what will work for you.
  5. Then get up, make a cup of tea or coffee, I head to my yoga mat or outside for a walk.  What exercise will you do to wake up your body?

I have set the standard for how my day will progress; on a high.  And most days it will take something pretty big to knock me off my ‘’high pedestal of happiness”!

The important note here is that I don’t need to run around the house looking for a pen or finding the tea pot and my lovely tea cup.   Once a week or each evening, whatever timeframe suits you, get your morning ritual sorted.  Find a tray to put on your beside table with “Your First 5 Minutes” items on there;  pen, notepad, journal, cards, magazine, book & candle.  Before you go to bed put out your tea pot/tea bag/ coffee & cup ready to go and have your gym/yoga/running/walking gear laid out.

NOTHING is going to get in the way of YOUR morning RITUAL

Once you have your morning ritual sorted, you can work on the rest of the day.  As you begin to embrace the rituals of your day, you will notice how you look forward to them.  Getting up each morning just got a whole lot easier. It takes time to change some of our old habits so take it easy and slow.

Introducing one new positive ritual into each day or week and give it time to become part of your life or that of your family.

Enjoy your daily Rituals

and I look forward to you joining me next week

to help you create

Balance in Your Life

x m

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