Yoga retreat

Week 4 – Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation have become an important part of many people’s lives as new yoga studios open and different types of yoga are offered.  And it is not just the class that draws people in but also the community and friendships that evolve from sharing with a group of like-minded yogis.

Today I would like to talk about when you can’t get to a yoga class or meditation session

As much as we like to stick to our routines and schedules to keep on track with fitness of our body & mind there are times you are just not going to get to that yoga class.  But you don’t have to be in a yoga studio to reap the benefits.

Let’s begin with Meditation

A few years ago I was on a yoga retreat and one evening we had a meditation session with a very interesting man.  Amongst many of his stories he told how he practiced meditation always when he was waiting for a plane, as he travelled extensively.   He would do a walking meditation in the departure lounge by taking himself to any small space available away from the seats and begin to walk a small route, focusing on his breath and repeating a mantra.

On my return from the blissful decadence of a retreat I decided I would use this same principle when I was waiting to be served at the supermarket checkout – my most un-favourite place to be! I would simply stand behind my trolley, close my eyes, focus on my breath and repeat a mantra that resonated with how I was feeling that day.  !  It was amazing.  Not only did I leave the supermarket feeling light and refreshed but I almost began to enjoy the weekly shopping experience.

deniz-altindas-38128My point is, you don’t have to sit crossed legged in a quiet room with an altar of flowers, candles, incense & soft music.  Although this is a beautiful experience, and truly blissful, life does not always allows us to have these opportunities each day.  So make meditation part of your daily life, as you go about your daily tasks and watch Balance in your life seep slowly back into body & mind.

Yoga in my Daily Life

During my year of yoga teacher training I would do about 1 ½ hours of personal yoga each morning, which I continued for many years after.  But there were days when life just got in the way and instead of being happy with whatever time I had, I would either feel resentful of my time missed on the mat or not do my practice because I couldn’t do my full routine I loved.

Well that was not going to get me far, as I noticed how my day seemed to go downhill quickly with an attitude like that!  So I put a yoga mat under my bed, rolled out and ready to go.  I gave up changing into yoga clothes and having a cup of tea first.  Although that was part of my lovely morning routine, I didn’t need that to practice my yoga, so I would wake, pull out the mat and enjoy my practice for whatever time I had.    As I drove to work I could practice Alternate Nostril Breathing at the red lights, and there was plenty of reason to practice some shoulder stretches and forward folds at my desk to relieve the tightness and tension and enjoy some deep breathing.

So once again, by making Yoga part of your daily life for whatever time you have or included in your daily tasks, we don’t have an excuse that we can’t get to a class or we don’t have time.

Sitting on the train or bus, washing up, preparing a meal, doing the ironing, standing on a queue are all times when you can practice some form of either meditation or yoga.  And as you go about these daily tasks bringing yoga and meditation into your life you will find Balance seep slowly back into body & mind.

Enjoy your daily Yoga & Meditation practice

and I look forward to you joining me next week

to look at bringing all this together with Rituals

to help create

Balance in Your Life

x m

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