Pure Heart Welllness offers you a space to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Our mission is to help you take the next step to introduce change that will make your life more balanced and give you time for some FUN in your life!

Do you feel like you are…

Looking for a shift in your life; to shed your old skin?

Looking for balance in your life and unsure of how to go about creating more calm, peace and harmony into your daily routine?

Do you need a new sense of purpose and value? Life is moving so fast you don’t even have time to pause & think about how you can make some positive life changes?

Let us help you to…

Get a clear vision of what your values are and how you want them in your life

Remind yourself of the all we are grateful for in our lives and draw back to the simple joys that bring us pleasure

Reconnect to your intuition through yoga and guided meditations

Give your body, mind and spirit a health check to ensure they are aligned with your life vision

Build habits into your daily routine that begin from the minute you open your eyes, so that every waking moment is truly blissful

Pure Heart Wellness can help you to take steps to reconnect with your ‘self’ through:

  • learning techniques to help with quietening the mind for more restful and regenerative sleep
  • health & wellbeing as a daily ritual each morning & evening to achieve your goals
  • exercise as a daily routine in your life for a balanced mind as well as body
  • food and nutrition as we discover the benefits of amazingly fresh clean food
  • bringing joy back into your day and make life the adventure it is meant to be

Come join us and enjoy an amazing experience to assist you with moving forward & making the most of your life, with yoga, meditation, clean healthy food and some great group sessions at our Pure Heart Wellness in France.

Our 10 day retreats offer wonderful programs and some beautiful activities to make your stay truly memorable. Take the next step and BOOK NOW.

10 Day Retreat Dates 2022