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Welcome to Pure Heart Wellness, where you will find an intimate and beautiful space that offers you guidance to explore finding your purpose and the tools to help you to find joy in living an intentional life.

Do you feel you are living the same day, same month, same year over & over? And it is not exactly the life you had planned or want to be part of? Where is your purpose?

You have been trying to get back on track but feel you are not making any traction? Or perhaps you are not even sure how to begin and the overwhelm keeps you from getting started.

Do not believe you are the only one feeling like this, as there are literally thousands of women out there struggling with the same issues, and I am here to help you.

If you are you looking to enhance your purpose in life; bring the joy and adventure into your day to day activities and live life rather than just existing our programs can help.

Do you feel like life should not be this hard?

I have been there, lived it and felt it

Are you racing out of the office at the very last minute trying to remember what you were planning for dinner;

Calling family as you drive home apologising for being late to pick them up from sport, drop them off to guitar lessons and YES you agree there is nothing to eat in the fridge;

You wake up each morning as tired as you were when you went to sleep to face it all over again!

You cannot remember the last time you actually spent time doing something for yourself;

And for too long the dog has spent more time having shampoos & haircuts than you!

Do you need to take some time out, pause & reflect?

Look at your life’s purpose

Get a vision on what your values are and how you want them in your life

Remind yourself of the simple joys that bring you pleasure

Use yoga & mediation to reconnect with your intuition

Build daily habits that make every moment in your day truly blissful

We can help you to reconnect with your ‘self’

I need to learn how to…..

Take the First Step

When you are ready to make life the adventure it is meant to be. You have landed at the right spot.

Take Control of My Life

Learning tools to clarify and achieve an intentional life with ease. Taking your life to another level.

Escape the Everyday

Take a leap of faith & join us on retreat for an experience of a life time.


Maria’s boutique retreat space Pure Heart Yoga Retreat is a true reflection of her own philosophy and approach to yoga both on and off the mat.   A space that is welcoming and inviting, a place where you will be able to leave the world behind. In the words of Pantajali the great sage of ancient India “Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind” At Pure Heart Yoga this is what you will find the space to do just that.


Lyn, Sydney Australia

What an amazingly beautiful part of France to relax and reconnect.  With only the church bells and bird song to break the silence, I would highly recommend Pure Heart Yoga Retreat.  The renovated farm house accommodates a truly beautiful yoga studio and the hub of the house, the kitchen, draws you to sit and chat around the big table with many great meals of local market produce enjoyed throughout our stay.  With a great balance of activity and rest, Maria has created a wonderful space.

Robyn, Brisbane, Australia